Sharon Oliver is a highly sought after woman's inspirational speaker. She is known for her candid and humorous personality that gives personification to her stories and conferences. For over 20 years, Sharon has served various organizations cultivating the dreams of others launching them into unparalleled success. 


Since 2014, Sharon Oliver became the Editorial Director of Richmond's popular CEO Magazine. CEO Magazine features articles of women from various backgrounds and demographics that are leading in their communities and in the business sector.


Through unprecedented support of CEO Magazine Richmond it's given birth to various subsidiaries; now known as CEO Network, LLC. comprised of Club CEO, CEO Studios, ChickswithBrands™ and

Pink Society with it's new platform and publication Pink Cosmopolitan Guide. The growth of the organization has become a leading consulting agency in the Richmond, VA area primarily serving women in business. 


Sharon is the loving mother of three children Lauren, Braxton and Robert. She also serves a mentor to women all over. Using her life experiences and challenging stories she continues to help many overcome difficult circumstances.  She is most known for her branded series "Create the Life that YOU Love."


Meet Sharon